Thursday - 8/10/2017 - Multichromes available tomorrow at 9 am EST!

Tuesday - 6/13/2017 - New collection coming Friday June 23, it will not be a pre-order, just regular restock.

Tuesday - 5/9/2017 - Orders placed last weekend have shipped. Any more orders placed during the pre-order period will ship by Monday May 15 at the latest. 

Monday - 3/13/2-17 - Shop is restocked. I don't expect to run out of stock but if I do, then they'll be listed as pre-orders while I get more supplies and can restock.

Monday - 2/20/2017 - I'm working on the pre-orders from last week! The website is up so you can see the products but everything is marked as "sold out" until I get caught up with orders. I'll activate the listings once that happens, hopefully next week! Thanks to everyone that placed an order! <3